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    • 人事管理
    • 业务流程外包
    • 猎头服务
    • 劳动法律咨询
    • 薪酬管理
    • 员工福利
    • 企业培训
    • 相关服务
    • 财税服务
    • 人员派遣
    • 派遣解决方案


    灵活用工:满足企业“临时性、辅助性、替代性” 岗位的灵活用工需求。

    ● 节约成本:通过专业化运作,稳控企业用人成本

    ● 风险防范:具有丰富实战经验的法务团队提供全程支持。

    ● 资源共享:提供一个多元化的资源整合平台,充分享受规模效应带来的优势。

    Promote the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises

    Flexible employment: Meeting the flexble employment needs of enterprses for temporary, auxiary and atemnatve"posts.

    ● Cost saving: Controling enterprises personnel costs steadily by professionalized operations.

    ● Risk prevention: Provding the full-process support by a legal counsel team with rich practical experience.

    ● Resources sharing: Providng a diversified platform of resources integration to fully avail of advantages in scale.


    ● 面向政府机关、事业单位编外人员的派遣方案

    ● 面向各类企业(国企、外企、民企等」“三性” 岗位的派遣方案。


    PPertinence, flexibility and extensibility are the three major features of our staff assignment service. We can provide you with one-stop professional services at different levels.

    ● Dispatch programs for personnel from government agencies and institutions

    ● Three-nature"Post-dispatch pr ooram oriented to various enterprises (state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises private enterprises, etc.

    Supported by E-HR information platform, these solutions integrate our professional service contents of different fields in a target-onented manner, and also reserve a space to engage in other HR serveices.

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